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Church won’t join ouster plot vs President – CBCP official


ALTHOUGH there may be some church leaders critical of the admin­istration, an official of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philip­pines said the church will not partici­pate in any destabilization plot.

Father Jerome Secillano, execu­tive secretary of the CBCP Public Affairs Committee, said the Church is not in the habit of participating in such kind of plan.

“Definitely if there is such a plan, the Church is not part of that. I can say that,” he said during the Tapatan Forum in Manila yesterday.

“I’m not in the intelligence com­munity, I cannot say if such a plan really exist. But this is the assurance I can give you, the Church has no participation in that,” he added.

Earlier, President Duterte claimed that his critics were plotting to oust him from power this October.

Secillano said Duterte should not treat the Church as enemy because they are also their partner in pursu­ing what’s good for the people.

“The Church is not an enemy. In fact, we always say that we are their partner,” he said.

“We are doing this not for our own sake. If ever we do or say something that’s always for the sake of the people we promised to serve. That’s the difference the church and politicians,” added Secillano.

While they may not agree with some of the President’s statements or policies, he said they also take notice of his accomplishments such as the rehabilitation of Boracay island.

“What he did there has a big im­pact on the environment. We saw his political will when it comes to these things…I think the bureau­cratic process also lessened and we appreciate that,” Secillano said.

However, he said its lamentable how the President seems more focused in having political stabil­ity instead of addressing other big problems in the country such as the rising inflation.