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Lessons from Chinoypreneurs




HAVE you ever wondered what makes the Filipino Chinese businessmen successful? Success is not achieved simply by wishing for it. To achieve true success, one needs to work hard and bring out his full potential. Discipline, right attitude and skills are the things you need. If you are really driven to reach success, you need to learn how to put your goals first before anything else.

Hard work coupled with exceptional skills will help you achieve one success after another. There may be challenges along the way (that’s for sure!), however, the very thing that makes a person worthy of that success is his ability to carry on until he reaches the goal he has set for himself. Remember, in the quest for success, giving up means failure!

Aside from this, what are the other lessons we can learn from the successful CHINOYPRENEURS? Here are three of them:


Hard work teaches discipline.

When we work hard, we also need to follow a set of rules and following these rules help us develop discipline. When we are able to develop discipline by following rules, we can be assured that the road we’re taking is in fact, heading to the right direction. One may work as hard as he can but if he isn’t disciplined to work hard, one way or another, he will find himself exhausted or perhaps, inconsistent with his action plans – now we all know what happens to our quest for success with exhaustion and inconsistency in the equation.


Hard work teaches patience.

See, in order to get results in anything that we do, we need to be absolutely patient while working hard. Patience and hard work are the two things that guarantee results, whether in decisions, business or life in general. If we can’t wait and be patient, there’s a good chance that we’ll mess everything up. After all the hard work is done, all that’s left for us to do is to wait. It’s just like planting a fruit tree – we do the hard work of planting and religiously watering the seedling and then the plant and wait until it bears fruits. Otherwise, if we keep on digging the soil to check on the plant, it will fail to grow. Hard work as a matter of fact, teaches patience.


Hard work teaches humility.

When we appreciate the value of hard work, we similarly develop humility. Because we’ve been there ourselves, we now know that along the way, there were times when we needed someone else’s input, guidance or criticism to somehow assess whether we we’re on the right track or whether we needed to change or reconsider our strategies. When we do hard work, we appreciate the people and the resources that we have, we learn to appreciate others who are in the same boat with us too! Hard work teaches humility.

Nothing ever in this world is achieved easily, least of all, success. I haven’t heard of any success story that did not require hard work. With this said, we now understand and we need to constantly remind ourselves that there are indeed no shortcuts to success. Hard work, complemented with a burning desire to achieve it is one sure way to ultimately succeed in our goals.

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