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Public warned vs fake cosmetic product


THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cautioned the public against the use of counterfeit versions of a cosmetic product.

In its advisory, the FDA alerted the public on the proliferation of fake “Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream.”

The FDA noted that the counterfeit product has a round tube tip “and can easily [be] removed and/or detached from its tube; while the original product’s tube tip has a smooth slanted surface and that the “tip cannot be detached from its tube.”

The counterfeit product also have “unnecessary spaces between letters,” and the small vertical strip at the upper part of the tube is not properly printed.

“Counterfeit products, not having gone through the required safety assessment and the verification process of the FDA, pose potential health hazards to the consuming public,” the agency said.

The agency said that the “use of substandard and possibly adulterated cosmetic products” may result to adverse reactions such as skin irritation, itchiness, anaphylactic shock, or organ failure. (Analou de Vera)