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CHIN-CHIN Gutierrez

CHIN-CHIN Gutierrez

ONCE MORE – “Repetitious,” and “redundant”… some names are. Let’s recall them… once more with feeling. Repeat, repeat.

CHIN-CHIN Gutierrez – Whatever happened to the beautiful and fine actress? Some say she’s entered the convent. Other say she’s only active in church activities.

AU-AU Pijuan or Sevilla or Salve – Little news about Ms. Sevilla (said to be leading a very simple life) and Ms. Salve, based in the US.

KRING KRING Gonzalez – She’s a mayor of Tacloban, not seeking reelection to give way to her husband Alfred Romualdez. Contrary to rumors, they remain together…but are having some issues to resolve, as most wives and husbands do.

CHECHELazaro – The award-winning TV host-producer has joined TV5.

BONGBONG Marcos – Will he end up as Vice President?

MAYMAY Entrata – The new Pokwang? Some fashion designers say she’s ramp model material…what with her slim figure and “interesting” face.

TONTON Gutierrez – Quiet actor, ideal husband and father.

NOYNOY Aquino – Former President, but of course.

JAYJAY – The late Justo C. Justo, who popularized Taglish and gay lingo in his The Sun column, “Etchos Lang”.

CHAN CHAN Torres – Movie writer now based in Bacolod, a lady of leisure.

DINDIN Santiago, star volleyball player, whose younger sister is named Jaja, also volleybelle.

* * *

MORE – Here are more “redundant” names, as they come to mind: John John (Kennedy), Jun Jun, Tin Tin (Bersola Babao), RR, MM, Bubu, Jojo, Nene, Mimi (the heroine in the opera “La Boheme”), Meme, Bibi (Anderson), Bebe, Lotlot, Winwyn, Dada, Dodo, Koko (Pimentel), Toytoy, Nini, Ruru (Madrid), MyMy (Davao, sister of Ricky), Baba, Tata (Mara), Nana, Ai-Ai (de las Alas), Gigi, Deedee (Siytangco), Lingling, Lenlen, Gingging (Gina Pareño), Krung Krung (Sandara Park), Macmac (Mark Bautista), Lili, Bonbon, Dondon (Nakar, Monteverde, Santos, Sermino).