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Stiffer illegal parking fines start tomorrow

It’s final!

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority will impose stiffer fines for illegal parking and yellow lane violations starting tomorrow.

Celine Pialago, MMDA spokesperson, said yesterday the implementation of stiffer fines will surely push through.

“We will 100 percent implement it. No more holiday breaks and excuses for violators, full implementation of higher penalties for illegal parking, obstruction, and yellow lane is final on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019,” Pialago said.

“Through this, we are expecting hard-headed motorists to follow the law,” Pialago added.

Illegal parking fine for attended vehicles was raised to P1,000 from P200. The fine for illegal parking for unattended vehicles became to P2,000 from P500.

The penalty for obstructing the road was increased to P1,000 from P150, and the fine for yellow lane violation was increased to P1,000.

She warned vehicle owners that they can be penalized for illegal parking plus obstruction, twice a day for the same violations.

MMDA clarified that the directive only covers all public roads except subdivisions and roads covered by existing parking ordinances.

Pialago stressed that motorists are prohibited from parking their vehicles on all national highways, including Mabuhay Lanes.

The imposition of the stiffer fines on Dec. 19 deferred by the agency, citing tickets are not yet ready, as well as collection system, and in consideration on the high expenses of the public during the holiday season. (Jel Santos)