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Businessman arrested for assaulting business partner

A businessman was apprehended Sunday after he allegedly hogtied, assaulted, robbed, and held his British business partner captive in Makati City.

Chief Insp. Gideon Ines Jr., Makati police Assistant Chief of Police for Operations, said 42-year-old Gareth Roberts was rescued by policemen in a condominium in Barangay Poblacion around 9 a.m. They are co-owners of a bar in Makati.

Roberts, according to investigators, was allegedly held by his business partner, Randy Domingo, 36, from 2 p.m. of Jan. 19 until he was rescued.

Jose Tabor Jr., a friend of the victim and the suspect, reported to authorities on Jan. 20 what happened to Roberts.

“Tabor was there the whole time, he witnessed everything. He’s friends with both of them. Out of pity, he went to us to report what the suspect did to Roberts,” Ines said.

Probers learned that Domingo pointed a toy gun and knife at his business partner to force him to give his Automated Teller Machine card. The suspect, police said, tried to withdraw around P600, 000 but was unable to do because of bank security.

“He was also able to take the ATM pin from the victim after he threatened him. However, he was unable to get money,” Ines said.

Domingo denied the allegations, saying Roberts and Tabor were just making a story to make him look bad.

“That’s his alibi, but the thing is, Domingo was arrested while we were rescuing the victim inside his condominium unit,” Ines said. “He was hogtied with rope and his mouth was covered with duct tape.”

Tabor told police that they were fighting over a business matter.

Seized from the condominium  was a pellet gun and a knife allegedly used to threaten  Roberts.

Domingo is detained at the Makati police headquarters detention cell. (Jel Santos)