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Taho-throwing Chinese student gets hard lesson


MUGSHOT of Jiale Zhang

MUGSHOT of Jiale Zhang

“You cannot do that to a policeman, and you cannot do that to anybody here in the Philippines.”

This was the strong message relayed by Metro Manila police chief Director Guillermo Eleazar to a foreign student who splashed local popular snack taho at a policeman during a confrontation at the MRT Station in Mandaluyong City on Saturday morning.

And Eleazar made sure that the foreign student could not get away with it with a mere apology as part of teaching her a hard lesson about respect and good manners.

As a result, 23-year old Chinese Jiale Zhang got a taste of police jail — that comes with souvenir mugshot — and is now facing at least three criminal charges that include direct assault and disobedience to agent or person in authority.

Zhang, it was learned, was supposed to be released after apologizing to Police Officer 1 William Cristobal until Eleazar saw the viral video in the social media.

“I saw it on the social media and there were comments that she would be released after she apologized so I decided to go to the police station where she was taken to confront her,” said Eleazar.

“We cannot allow this to happen to our personnel, especially those who are just doing their job. I saw the picture in the social media and I said this is really a travesty to our profession, to our uniform,” said Eleazar.

Zhang, it was recalled, threw a cup of local popular snack taho at Police Officer 1 William Cristobal while the latter was explaining to her why she was not allowed by the lady security guard of the MRT Boni Station to enter.

The MRT management has been implementing a no-liquid policy inside the station and train premises as part of the security measures following the twin bombing at the Jolo Cathedral which was perpetrated by two suicide bombers.

Zhang, a fashion student, has been insisting that she be allowed entry with her taho.


Eleazar said that he never saw a policeman disrespected in his years of police service until his attention was called by his staff over a viral photo of a policeman whose right side of police uniform was covered with taho in front of what appears to be a rowdy Zhang.

“Even criminals and drug personalities that we arrest everyday would not do that to our policemen. It was a clear disrespect and we cannot let this incident pass,” said Eleazar.

“Her apology was accepted but she has to suffer the consequences of her action,” he stressed.


While apparently irked at what Zhang did, Eleazar was all praises to PO1 Cristobal for keeping his cool despite the humiliation he suffered in front of passengers and MRT staff.

“In fairness to the policeman, he really did not react,” said Eleazar.

“What he just did was to call his two other buddies and asked them to accost her,” he added.

Cristobal reportedly even forgave Zhang but Eleazar said that he personally made sure that the foreign student should be punished for what she did.

“Kung hindi man doon para sa pulis na involved doon is para sa buong organization ng Philippine National Police ang ating pinaglalaban,” said the chief of the National Capital Region Police Office.


“After the filing of a criminal case against Zhang, we will recommend to the Bureau of Immigration that she be  considered and declared as an undesirable alien which  will eventually be the basis for her deportation,” said Eleazar.

“Hindi lang naman sa kanya isinasagawa  ito kundi sa lahat. Kahit sino sa atin na nandito, pag-ganyan ang gagawin, mayroong corresponding action na dapat gawin ang ating Kapulisan,” he added. (Aaron Recuenco)

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