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Cop in taho-splashing incident gets award

The Philippine National Police has awarded the policeman who was splashed with “taho” (local soymilk pudding) by a foreign female student at the Metro Rail Transit station in Mandaluyong City over the weekend.

PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde said they are very proud of the discipline and maximum tolerance displayed by PO1 William Cristobal despite the humiliation he suffered in front of security guards and passengers of the MRT. “We are very proud of him, of his commendable action,” said Albayalde.

Cristobal yesterday received a commendation medal from the PNP leadership over his proper handling of his confrontation with Chinese Jiale Zhang, who splashed a cup of taho on him after she was refused entry at the MRT Boni station.

The foreign student, who is taking a degree in fashion in the country, is now facing charges of direct assault, disobedience to person in authority, and unjust vexation. She is now facing deportation.

Albayalde said the incident with Zhang should serve as a lesson for both foreigners and locals about following the rules and regulations.

Cristobal said he felt insulted when the foreign student disrespected him. But he said he had to remain calm since the order given to him when he was assigned at the MRT was to be courteous at all times and to exercise maximum tolerance. (Aaron Recuenco)