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PRC releases road safety tips for motorists

PHILIPPINE Red CrossThe Philippine Red Cross has released a list of tips for motorists to enable them to have a safe trip as they go home to their provinces for the Holy Week.

The 10 road safety tips of the PRC are:

  1. Use a seatbelt/child car seats
  2. Wear a helmet on a motorcycle
  3. Drive at a safe speed and distance suitable for the condition
  4. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  5. Do not use a mobile phone when driving
  6. Be visible as a pedestrian or cyclist
  7. Know and respect the highway codes
  8. Maintain my vehicle in a good condition
  9. Be licensed and trained for the vehicle drive
  10. Know how to react in case of a crash

For emergency and any untoward incidents,  PRC said the public can contact their 24/7 Operations Center  by dialing 143 or 790-23-00.

PRC is deploying around 2, 000 volunteers and personnel to man welfare desks of the organization placed all over the country.

The welfare desks will be offering first aid, tracing assistance for people with missing companions or relatives, referral assistance, and psychosocial support.

PRC Chairman Sen. Richard J. Gordon said first aid stations, welfare desks, emergency vehicles, and ambulances are positioned in 34 bus terminals, 42 major highways, 54 churches, 13 beach areas, and nine sea ports. Also, they will be set up in parks and pilgrimage areas. (Jel Santos)