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Signs of the times


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MUSING – Here are some amusing signs of the times.

Wanted: Sexy tindera with experi­ence.

Right beside Funeraria Mabuhay is a tombstone maker, Lito Lapida.

Amid established fastfood joints are: Mang Donald, Violybee, and Mekeni Rogers (obvi­ously owned by a native of Pampanga).

Bakery: Bread Pit. Anak ng Tinapay.

Internet cafe: Cafe Pindot.

Flower shop: Susan’s Roses (more endear­ing than amusing, a tribute of sorts to Susan Roces).

Shoe repair shop: Dr. Shoe Bago

Laundry shop: Summa cum Laundry

Pet shop: Petness First. An­other one is: Pakita Mo Pet Mo. Still another one: Pussies and Bitches.

Parlor: Cut & Face. (The one this columnist goes to is: True Cut.) There’s one called: Pinoy Big Barber. How about Hair Dot Comb? Or Saudia Hairlines?

Balut seller: Starducks.

Copy center: Pakopya ni Edgar.

Boxing gym: Blow Jab.

Laundrymat : Star Wash: Attack of the clothes. Another one: Wash Your Problem.

Squid stall: Pusit to the Limit.

Water refilling station: Wa-Thirst.

Lugawan: Gee Congee.

Peanut vendor cart : Mani ni Papa, Fishball cart: Eat My Balls.

Taxicab: Income Taxi.

Goto resto: Goto Ko Pa. Goto Heaven.

Massage parlor ser­vice: Massage only. God is watching.

Party needs shop: Balloon-Balloonan.

Beerhouse: Chick­point.

Fresh chicken store: Dina (owner’s name) Fresh Chicken.

Secondhand store (ukay-ukay): 2nd Time Around.