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Neophyte party-list solon apologizes for attacking waiter



Neophyte party-list Rep. Alfred de los Santos has issued a formal apology to the waiter he allegedly tried to punch after a video of the incident and his alleged reaction on his Facebook account made him an instant villain on social media.

De los Santos, who represents Ang Probinsyano party-list, aired his apology in a statement distributed to the media several hours after he was caught on CCTV taking a swing at waiter Christian Kent Alejo.

Alejo told a radio interview that he has accepted De los Santos’ apology but pointed out that he did not ask nor receive a “single centavo” from the lawmaker as a condition for his forgiveness. The waiter’s decision is expected to clear De los Santos from the filing of an ethics complaint against him before the still to be formed House Committee on Ethics and Privileges.

“I would like to apologize to Christian Kent Alejo and his family for my action, and to our people for failing in their expectation of a public servant,” he stated.

De los Santos is among the younger lawmakers who will attend the 18th Congress sessions starting July 22.

He denied being a “bully or a troublemaker,” saying that his “emotions got the better” of himself.

“Hindi po ako siga, astig, or sanggano. The people who know me well can attest to that,” De los Santos stressed. The newbie solon said: “I have no excuse, only regret and the promise that it will not happen again.”

According to him, that “single incident” should not be taken to “represent me or my values.”

“I don’t have any excuse for what had happened. Regardless if I am a public servant or a private citizen, I should have not lost control of my emotions,” he declared. “My emotions got the best of me. I am sorry not only to Mr. Christian Kent Alejo and his family but also to the people who voted for Ang Probinsyano. Sorry for disappointing you,” the new solon said.

He also apologized to his party-list group and his House colleagues for the incident. “I know you are all disappointed and I humbly accept whatever decision that you make in relation to my nomination in the party-list,” he said. (Ben Rosario)