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Breakup may lead to suicide, mental health problem – expert



Love problems are the leading cause of mental health problems and suicide, a mental health expert said.

In an interview at the Philippine News Agency’s “Pros and Cons” forum, Dr. Bernard Argamosa, a psychiatrist at the Department of Health-National Center for Mental Health (DoH-NCMH), said many of their patients have psychotic breakdowns due to breakups.

“We may not have the stats but based on our experience, it leads to depression. Breakups have psychological meanings, and, it could trigger your past experiences when you were a child and you were left behind by someone close to you,” Argamosa said.

Meanwhile, Cel Gonzales, quality control director of One Algon Place, a rehabilitation center for those with drug and alcohol addiction, stressed love is a universal emotion that is important to everyone, hence, lack of it could also lead to behavioral and mental health issues.

“Love is important to a couple, and even to a child who loves his parents and needs love from them,” Gonzales said.

Argamosa explained broken-hearted people usually “exhaust all their coping mechanisms when exposed to a stressful situation like breakups”.

“The one you love left you, your mind will use its coping mechanisms first like your family friends, hobbies and work. Sometimes, being alone works for other heartbroken people, different strokes for different people,” he said.

Citing that some people are unable to cope with breakups, Gonzales said their relatives need to check on them as they may end up committing suicide.

“In our facility, we assist those who are broken, so they can stand again, and survive their love problems and function normally again,” she added.

Gerardo Rudin Gonzales III, executive director of One Algon Place, advised parents of broken-hearted teenagers to monitor their children’s social media use as different social media platforms carry content which encourage the youth to commit suicide.

“Also, iyong palabas sa (the program in) Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, psychiatrists say, please don’t let your children watch that show because it teaches them the step-by-step process on how to commit suicide,” he said.

Argamosa encouraged those who “feel broken in any way” to contact DOH-NCMH’s crisis hotline 0917 899-8727 or 989-8727 if they need someone to talk to. (PNA)