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Time to hang gloves


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PUNISHMENT – Boxing trainer-coach Freddie Roach said it very aptly: “We can’t walk away from Father Time.” High­speed quotes Tempo sports writer Nick Giongco.

Roach made the observation after the Manny Pacquiao-Keith Thurman bout in Las Vegas, which the Pacman won by split decision. He said the boxing champion took “a bit too much punishment.”

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to hang the gloves. Pacquiao’s fans are afraid he might end up like the great Ali, who suffered from Par­kinson’s disease. Or worse “baldado.”

After all, he’s already 40 years old.

MANNY Pacquiao (IG)

HE’S GOT – Really, what more can Manny Pacquiao ask for?

He’s a billionaire, with beautiful wife (Jinkee) and children. He’s also a sena­tor.

Pacquiao’s got everything. So why not just enjoy fame and fortune the Almighty blessed him with? Being intelligent, a born-again preacher to boot, Manny knows that there’s a time for ev­erything. A time to fight, a time to quit.

PAYBACK TIME – Outside the boxing ring, Manny can do so much for – let’s not go too far – boxing.

Why not train young and promising box­ers? And help retired boxers who are living in penury?

Once upon a time, Manny was also young and hungry. Surely, there were kind people who helped him fight his way to the top. It’s payback time.

And if he’s so inclined, he also extend his generosity to other sports in dire need of subsidy. Martial arts, gymnastics, ten­nis, weightlifting, football.

SHOWBIZ, TOO – Aside from boxing, Manny Pacquiao is also into showbiz.

He used to produce and topbill movies and sing (concert and recording). He hosted several GMA shows.

This columnist re­members that his early film director and mentor was the late Willy Milan.

(Manny announced he has no plans to retire.)