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Andi Eigenmann masayang ina


ANDI Eigenmann with baby Lilo and Ellie (IG)

ANDI Eigenmann with baby Lilo and Ellie (IG)

NATUWA ang followers ni Andi Eigenmann sa Instagram sa pag-post ng aktres ng dalawang photos kunsaan kasama niya ang dalawang anak na sina Ellie at Keliana Alohi or Baby Lilo.

Makikita raw kasi sa mukha ni Andi ang kasiyahan nito bilang isang ina.

“I am kind of losing my mind raising 2 little children. But through this I found my soul. Its exhausting. but I love being needed by them, I love being there for them. So I am taking in and enjoying every bit of this stage of motherhood as much as I can. Because I know that time flies by quickly, and in a snap, they won’t be little anymore,” caption ni Andi sa B&W photo nilang tatlo.

Sa colored photo, heto ang naging caption niya:

“On Lilo’s 7th day on Earth, @ cocoonstudioph came over for a little photo session. We loved all the photos! I mean, take a look at how much better they made my pink wall look! Haha

“It was a newborn shoot for Lilo, with some more lay outs with @ellieeigengirl and @chepoxz I had in mind. I wasn’t keen on joining in. (Just refer to my crumpled ol’ dress for proof.lol) I didn’t feel my appearance was 100% back to normal yet = confidence level. But I realised that these photos aren’t for looking as perfect as I could be. These are moments I can never take back and would be so precious if turned into pictures. I am so happy I decided to join in because the photos turned out to be so good and I am so happy to have these as a souvenir to keep forever. The 90’s kid in me can’t wait to put it in her wallet! And the proud mama in me also wants you to brace yourself for some adorable-nanza extravaganza when you stumble upon my feed the coming days!” (RUEL J. MENDOZA)