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Fire and soul


NEY Dimaculangan is back, creating new music along with members of his namesake band – guitarists Arnee Escobedo and Patch Sanchez, bassist Louie Lopez, and drummer Andrew Nebab Nianga.

The singer, who looks seemingly like he hasn’t aged physically, maintains he is now a far better musician today than he was with 6 Cyclemind.

He relates, “I’m more mature now kasi. Mas maraming alam sa buhay, mas malawak, mas open, and those things, I believe, enhanced my musicality.”

NEY Dimaculangan

NEY Dimaculangan

“Tsaka I think mas passionate ako sa ginagawa ko ngayon, mas involved ako, mas may soul.”

The band took to ‘70s Bistro recently to launch their latest single, “Bahala Ka,” an upbeat rock number replete with acoustic guitars and harmonica.

Ney is really excited with the single, maintaining it is something really “fresh.”

“Wala akong narinig so far na katunog o kapareho nito particularly looking at the current scene and I listen to a lot of music,” he says. “So, I’m really excited to let people know about this. It’s quite fresh and very positive.”

Spilling more details, he shares, “It’s about letting go, acceptance, something I think most people could relate to.”

Though he wants it to become a huge hit, Ney clears, “Hindi ko ipipilit kung hindi.”

“Ako kasi, at this point, I’m doing this simply because music is my passion and I just want to share it with people. Kung maging hit man (ang songs namin) okay, masaya, pero it’s not the end all and be all of our existence,” he adds.

He admits going on with the group isn’t easy.

“Kasi wala namang kita dito eh,” he avers. “Madalas gasto pa nga eh. Pero gaya nga nang sinabi ko, we are not in this para magpayaman. We just want to go out there and share our passion for music.”

Looking back, Ney still feels he made the right decision leaving 6 Cyclemind.

“Bakit? Well, Dahil mas fulfilled ako ngayon, mas masaya, mas nailalabas ko ang gusto ko, hindi na ako tipong parang nakakahon,” he reasons.

Obviously, he is happy with his new band mates, most of whom are friends from way back.

“Very collaborative ang process namin as a group,” Ney imparts. “And I like that because as a songwriter gusto mo makita ‘yung song na binuo mo on your own na ma-enhance, mapaganda and they help me with that through their input.”