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Stay cool


GINA de venecia dear inang mahal

Dear Manay Gina,

My relationship with my boy­friend has been on and off, for the past two and a half years. We used to live together but not anymore. When we lived together, I did everything for him and got nothing in return. He would say, “I love you,” but never did anything. Some­times, we would go two, three or four days without talking to each other and he wouldn’t care.

But every time I would break up with him, he would beg for me to come back and say how depressed he was. However, every time I came back, think­ing things would change, they never did.

He says he still want our re­lationship to work. He still calls and acts hurt when I brush him off. I like to keep him but I hate his attitude. I also feel because he is so handsome, he can get whatever female he wants.



Dear Malou,

It’s tough trying to make amends with a guy who was never there in the first place.

If he really is so handsome he can get whatever woman he wants, then let him! Try your shot at not caring. He won’t treat these other women any better – he’ll treat them the same way he treats you.

If at this point you’re still aching for him, give yourself a break from this guy for about a month – and stick to the mantra of staying cool – and see what comes of the time off.

Most of all, don’t let your feelings of jealousy be the thread that keeps you attached to him. Co-dependen­cy often manifests itself as an ugly green monster – and before you know it, all the love is gone and you’re just left with a beast.

With affection,

Manay Gina

“Dignity does not consist in pos­sessing honors, but in deserving them.” – Aristotle

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