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Give way to ambulances, DoH urges public

The Department of Health yesterday urged motorists to give way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances during heavy traffic in Metro Manila.

“Although everybody is stuck in traffic, we really have urgent situations that are matters of life and death. So, we appeal to the public to really follow proper protocol that if there is an ambulance, we should stop or give way to it,” said Health Undersecretary Rolando Enrique Domingo.

Domingo stressed that ambulances need to reach the hospital as soon as possible to save lives.

“With ambulances, every minute counts because they need to reach hospitals. Often times, a few minutes could mean life or death to patients. We hope that whenever people see ambulances, they give way and let them pass,” the Health official said.

The DoH will hold a meeting with the Metro Manila Development Authority to discuss the issue, said Domingo.

“We will be coordinating with them so they can either remind or apprehend vehicles that are not yielding for ambulances,” said Domingo. (Analou de Vera)