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Kris Aquino, chill lang



KRIS Aquino (IG)

KRIS Aquino (IG)

KRIS Aquino was quick to shrug off a comment from a netizen about her sup­posedly “slowly becoming irrel­evant.”

But not with­out a lengthy asser­tion, of course.

She said, “I’m pretty chill about becoming ‘irrele­vant’ because the price to pay fighting to stay relevant wasn’t worth my health or peace of mind.

“So many have told me, ‘You have enough (in the material sense) and my sons are in no danger of going hungry – so I was working hard be­cause I was pro­tecting some­thing that now seems much less important – my ego…

Kris main­tained, “I worked too many days when I should’ve actually been listening to my body all because of the mistak­en notion that protecting work commitments meant more than prioritiz­ing my wellness.”

With the netizen chiding her to make “pasabog” to reclaim her popularity, she said, “Sorry walang ‘pasabog’ coming soon – I have outgrown that. It took so much prayer for me to be at peace with who I am and where I am.”

She then threw in a catty rejoinder of sorts for good measure.

“I hope before you ‘wor­ry’ about my professional standing, you’ll ask your­self why there seems to be little of interest in your life that you’re making mine your problem?”