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All about lubes


rica cruz - sexy mind answers


Avid fan po ako ng column ninyo. I just want to ask kung mayroon bang numbing lube or gel na pwedeng ipahid at gamitin para kapag nagpepenetrate ay hindi masakit? Salamat po.

                                                                                    Gel Girl


Hello Gel Girl,

Thank you for being a fan of my column! Sana maging fan ka rin ng aking podcast sa Spotify, “Conservative Ako.”

Taking it from your question, it sounds like you’re experiencing pain during penetration, and yes, hindi nga masaya to be experiencing more pain than pleasure during sexy time. I don’t have enough information to know if the pain that you’re feeling is mainly physical or physiological or psychological rin in nature, kaya I’ll just answer your question in a general manner. I hope that’s okay.

Para maibsan ang sakit na nararamdaman mo during penetration and increase your sexual pleasure, you can consider these tips:

– Lubricants: Tama ka, non-hormonal lubricants are made to help reduce friction and pain during intercourse. There are many brands and variations that could help you depending on your preference. May mga lubricant na malamig kapag pinahid. Meron din namang mainit. These additional sensations can help in taking away the focus on the pain and more on these heightened sensations. Nilalagay ang lubricant right before penetration to add to the natural lubrication of the vagina. However, kapag gumagamit ka ng condom, kailangan ay water-based ang gamitin mong lubricant, because oil-based lubricants can weaken the latex in condoms.

– Foreplay and Sex Positions: Extending foreplay may help in making you more aroused and lubricated. Kapag mas aroused ka, mas narerelax ang vaginal tissues and muscles mo, and this lessens potential pain during intercourse. Also, baka kailangan niyo rin magpalit-palit ng posisyon during sexy time and find the position that won’t hurt you.

– Frequent Sexy Time: Kapag mas madalas ang sexy time, it can help stretch and strengthen your muscles and also increase blood flow to your genital area. You can also practice masturbation so you will know what works for you.

If these techniques do not work, I would suggest na pumunta ka sa iyong OB-GYNE para malaman if you have a condition that requires medication such as vaginal estrogen, lidocaine (numbing agent), or even surgery (but this is rare). Hopefully, that’s not the case and your problem can be easily resolved through open communication with your partner and these tips. So good luck! Hope it works!

With love and lust,


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Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist, Sex and Relationships Therapist, Sex Educator. She opines that sexual empowerment for Filipinos is sexier than sex.

You can catch more of her every Thursday at Boys’ Night Out, Magic 89.9 and follow her at facebook.com/TheSexyMind and @_ricacruz in Twitter and IG and subscribe to her YouTube channel, Count To Ten and podcast, Conservative Ako on Anchor and Spotify.