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Do we need China’s help?


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TODAY’S hot topic is whether or not we will soon need China’s help in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Some people believe that we need not seek succor from the country where the virus originated since its health officials have problems of their own controlling it.

The truth is, I have to admit, China currently seems to be doing an excellent job containing the disease, as shown by the sudden drop of COVID cases in its territory.

I am no fan of China, as can be gleaned from several columns I wrote. But, as I have always said, we have to give credit where credit is due.

A lot of Filipinos are also angry with China due to the mushrooming of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) in our country.

In fact, thousands of Chinese who are in the country, many of them working in POGO establishments, are subjects of ongoing investigations.

Several crimes have also been linked to POGOs, including money laundering, human trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution, illegal drugs, and robbery.

China has frowned upon the existence of POGOs in the Philippines and wants our government’s help to shut them down.

However, some people close to the President oppose the closure of POGO operations in the country. It seems that these people have their interests to protect.

So, it seems, the West Philippine Sea remains to be a significant issue.

Be that as it may, if “Big Brother” China offers a helping hand in the fight against the dreaded virus, I believe we should accept it if things get worse.

China has already sent medical experts and supplies to Italy, Spain, Iran, and Iraq. It has also offered support to Pakistan, South Korea, and Japan.

We are currently in a health crisis and should set aside all the negative issues, including political bickering, and move as one in confronting this problem. Life and its protection and preservation is the real issue here.

Everyone knows genuine friendships are born out of truly trying times.

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