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Banana frenzy


kuya kim atienza



JUST recently, netizens came upon a post claiming scientists in a New Zealand laboratory are using extracts from the com­mon banana as possible cure to COVID-19.

Upon closer scrutiny, the video doesn’t really reveal the per­ceived claim. It merely cites the health benefits of eating bananas.

Nevertheless, word got around so that people started buying lots of bananas, much more than they can consume.

Of course, we didn’t need that video to be reminded that bananas provide us huge amounts of potas­sium, as well as other nutrients.


The Philippines can take pride in one of its top produce, lakatan banana.

For me and for many other fruit lovers, our lakatan is the best ba­nana ever.

Such claim – lakatan being best – is even substantiated in Dan Koeppel’s book “Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World,” wherein lakatan is consid­ered the royalty of all bananas.

It was originally found in the Philippines, says Koeppel.

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