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What people get from sacrifice


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IT’S barely a week since the government placed Luzon under “enhanced community quarantine” due to the coronavirus. The limitations on people’s movements and activities force us to sacrifice with the end goal of preventing more Filipinos from catching and transmitting the virus. Sacrificing is not easy. The majority of us are not even prepared. Do we have a choice? The risks are much bigger if we don’t practice social distancing. While we miss the comfort and normalcy that we enjoyed before this quarantine, we get reminded that making sacrifices is important for different reasons besides saving lives.

People who experience sacrificing for others have a sense of purpose. There’s no place for boredom and depression even if they are very tired, overworked, and barely protected from COVID-19. The frontliners – doctors, nurses, and policemen know this very well.

Those who learn how to make sacrifices are able to tame their desires. They learn to become contented with what they have and to become thankful for it. This contentment protects them from envy and greed – two monsters that destroy lives and relationships and take away from people what truly belongs to them.

Sacrifice teaches empathy. People who suffered in various ways and managed to rise above their difficulties are sensitive to the sufferings of others. They reach out without being asked. They can’t stand seeing people suffer because they know how it feels.

Sacrifice also teaches wise use and conservation of resources. (Every drop of isopropyl alcohol counts!) Many people who experienced poverty and those who lived during a war have learned to value their resources very well. You won’t see them splurging on items they do not need. They even live below their means. They went through difficult times and they do not want the experience to be repeated.

Let us be more patient and more humble as we make sacrifices in this time of crisis. May God save us.