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China’s success questioned

rrq rbrt frr robert roque robroq firing lineTHERE is no doubt that we have all been amazed by how China handled its fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), especially how it prevented the virus from spreading.

But American China expert and author Steven Mosher came out in an article refuting China’s claim by saying it was no sturdier than the shoddy warehouses put up in a week to house the victims of COVID 19.

Mosher, a demographer, social scientist, anthropologist, and Chinese population expert, continues to bash China in interviews on CNN and other news agencies.

He said China’s claim of a total win over the virus is dubious and just one more piece of propaganda to add to the ever-growing pile of lies and fake news that it has been telling these past three months to be a model for other countries to follow.

According to Mosher, the likelihood of zero transmission out of China’s 1.3 billion population is about the same as Beijing discovering a cure for cancer, establishing a base on Mars, and inventing faster-than-light interstellar travel all on the same day.

What the Chinese leadership did was direct doctors across China to stop diagnosing and reporting new cases of the disease, which dropped to zero overnight, he said.

He added that there was allegedly proof that some local authorities have been intentionally underreporting the number of patients who test positive for COVID-19.

And although some confined people still tested positive for the virus, many of the hospitals were emptied hurriedly, and their occupants sent home.

In Beijing, Mosher said some hospitals canceled all optional processes, which would indicate they were still handling the arrival of victims of the virus.

He also wrote that at least one Chinese province is requiring government documents to destroy all data they have received concerning the pandemic.

In contrast, the author praised the American and French attempts to come up with an antidote for the dreaded virus.

But it seems that Mosher had been at odds with China from the very start. He was barred from entering the country again many years ago after exposing the reported forced abortions of women due to China’s one-child policy.

And for Mosher, the real enemy is not the virus but the Communist Party of China and its corrupt and tyrannical system.

If all of this is true, we may have all been fools to believe China in the first place. But if Mosher simply has an ax to grind, the truth would eventually come out, and all his efforts to derail China would mean nothing.

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