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Keeping cool


kuya kim atienza


WHAT should we eat on hot days to cool the body?

Well, there are fruits like watermelon and honeydew. Add to them, singkamas. These are traditional treatment for heat exhaustion.

Sipping green tea could also help.

Green spices like basil, cilantro and mint and other green leafy spices could also help the body adjust to heat and humidity.

Wikipedia says we should limit the amount of softdrinks we take. They are sugar-based and sugar heats the blood. Cold water is a good substitute.

During pre-COVID-19 days, it was good to spend the time in malls and supermarkets. They offer free air conditioning. Needless to say, we can’t do that anymore.


TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Tagaytay isn’t the only cool place where Metro Manilans can escape during hot days. There’s Lipa City, which has an elevation of 1,025 ft above sea level. Tanay, Rizal is even higher, at 2,136 ft above sea level.


ATING ALAMIN: Pwede nga bang lumangoy ang penguin? Opo. Ang penguin ang tanging ibon na kayang lumangoy ngunit di kayang lumipad.

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