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More Batangueño words

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THE way Batangueños speak their Tagalog is easily distinct and unlike any other.

True-blue natives of the province speak with a strong accent, as if every line is thrown in anger, using words that are, by today’s standards, considered old-fashioned, ancient.

The Batangueño dialect is spoken with a certain rhythm and accent, an inflection livelier and more spirited than the Tagalog spoken by, for instance, Bulakeños. Each sentence invariably ends with ala eh or ga, believed to be terms of endearment among Batangueños.

Batangueños may sound funny with their unique accent, but the truth is, the Tagalog of Batanguenos is believed to be the heart of Tagalog language. Where else but in Batangas province can one hear the use of such extinct words as sinturis, barik, banas, tubal?

In the interest of preserving the beauty and purity of the Tagalog language as old-time Batanguenos spoke it, we are featuring today more entries from a limited Batangueño dictionary, created and formatted by language-loving Batangue­ños we came across on the internet. Other Batangueños are enjoined to add their own entries to this informal listing at nescuar@yahoo.com.

Dagasa: Dapa

Dagasdas: Nagmamadali

Garutihin: Paluin

Gitla: Gulat

Gulok: Itak

Gora: Sumbrero

Guyam: Langgam

Hawot: Tuyo

Hibulin: May sayad

Humikap: Gumala

Inaldabis: Sinuntok

Ipud: Galaw

Ismir: Ngiting nang-aasar

Kadais: Katabi

Kainaman na: Susmaryosep

Kaltog: Mainit ang ulo

Kampit: Kutsilyo

Kaon: Sundo

Kumag: Tanga

Mabanas: Mainit

Mabubusong: Makakarma

Mauupakan: Mapapalo

Mamahaw: Kumain ng kan ing lamig

Matalute: Mahirap kausap

Mulay: Barya

Nabang-aw: Nasiraan ng bait

Nagkaribok: Nagkagulo

Nagligalig: Nag-iiyak