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‘Pacman’ the dog dies in freak accident in GenSan

MANNY Pacquiao with 'Pacman' the dog.

MANNY Pacquiao with ‘Pacman’ the dog.


“Pacman” the dog, who served as Manny Pacquiao’s sidekick and running mate for over a decade, died after accidentally being ran over by a car driven by the boxing champion’s close aide in General Santos City the other day.

The incident took place when the Mazda sedan of David Sisson struck Pacman “after running under the vehicle” as Pacquiao’s security people were trying to clear up the garage.

“I didn’t even see him and the boss’ bodyguards said he came out of nowhere and it was too late,” said Sisson, who felt broken-hearted by the mishap.

The poor dog was brought immediately to a veterinary clinic but the doctor said the injuries were too severe for the 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

“If he was like seven years, he could have made it, according to the vet,” said Sisson, who quickly told Pacquiao and wife Jinkee about what happened.

“They understood and accepted what happened. It was a freak accident,” said Sisson, noting that Pacman even ran away after getting injured.

When Pacquiao was brought back to the house, it was already dead and Pacquiao even watched when the famous dog was buried inside the sprawling mansion.

Pacman was a familiar sight during Pacquiao’s training camp not only in Manila, Baguio City, and General Santos City but also in the US as well.

Pacquiao decided not to bring along Pacman a few years ago after noticing that it could no longer keep up with his pace.

Pacman became Team Pacquiao’s official mascot in 2006 when the Filipino ring icon was getting ready for the third fight with Erik Morales in Las Vegas.