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KC Montero, wife nabbed for violating social distancing  


KC Montero (FB photo)

KC Montero (FB photo)


Actor and TV host KC Montero and his wife were among the 121 people apprehended Sunday night in a bar for violating social distancing in Makati City.

Police Major Gideon Ines Jr., Makati police Investigation Unit chief, said they also arrested one of the bar owners identified as Felix Maramba.

Around 6 p.m., a team of policemen raided the Skye Bar located on the 18th floor of M1 Tower in Salcedo Village.

The raid was launched after the Makati police received a tip that the bar and its customers are violating social distancing while the country is still under community quarantine due to the spread of COVID-19.

“We also received videos showing that they were violating social distancing, and when we went there, it was really crowded some of them are drinking,” Ines said.

Montero told policemen that he did not know that bars are not yet allowed to operate, and that he and his wife were just there to eat. Under the general community quarantine, bars are still not allowed to operate. Bars were the first one closed during the start of the implementation of the community quarantine as they are deemed inessential establishments during these trying times.

The arrested 121 individuals were all brought to the Makati police headquarters and underwent booking procedures. “Some of the people we apprehended were foreigners, and some are locals,” Ines said.

The Makati police investigation unit chief said the individuals claimed that they were just invited by the owner for the re-opening of the bar.

Ines reminded the public that there is no cure for COVID-19 yet, and that bars are not yet allowed by the government to operate.  “Please do not be hard-headed, cooperate with authorities as this disease has no cure yet. We still urge everybody to stay at home if you have nothing important to do outside your homes,” he appealed.

Montero, his wife, and the other individuals are now held the Makati police headquarters detention cell.


Montero received both supporters and bashers on social media.

Bashers included @superhuxmom who quoted Rihanna’s song “Take a Bow” and tweeted, “Eto ‘yung linya ni Rihanna na ‘baby you’re only sorry ‘coz you got caught’ (sigh) KC Montero.”

@_DarkRebel added, “At least Makati police is doing their job to protect their constituents, right KC Montero?”

Some netizens chose to be impartial.

“I have no qualms with what happened to KC Montero. But my problem is, if bars aren’t allowed to open yet, why did the bar that KC Montero go to open? If the police wanted to observe social distancing, why were they placed in cramped trucks?” questioned @diamondz_yellow.

Many others cited the controversial “mañanita” of National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director police Major Gen. Debold Sinas back in May. Netizens said it was unfair that Sinas managed to cling to his post unscathed while Montero and the rest were arrested.

@lgcamson said, “KC Montero’s arrest would be a non-issue if same treatment was handed to Sinas.”

@Khrysh86 added, “#IATF allowed limited dine-in resto. Please expect walk-in customers. Suppose KC MONTERO, the party-goers and the owner violated the #COVID19PH protocols. How the hell does it differ from #Sinas & #Pimentel who were never been nabbed? Unjust treatment @PNP_NCRPO!”

On the other hand, @susiesunnyday said the issue is not about Montero.  “He’s talking about how odd they were arrested for violating quarantine measures when the enforcers stuffed them all in that truck not caring at all about social distancing. Kaya nga bawal ang jeep.”

Montero said it was his fault for not doing his research. He likewise said that their arrest exercised “backwards social distancing” because they were cramped and loaded in police trucks.