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Another happy ending





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LENSMAN’S STORY – A photographer relates this story with another happy ending. Yes, this is a sequel of sorts to Highspeed’s headline last Monday, also with a happy ending.

The lensman recalls covering an event in ritzy condo in Makati. There he saw a familiar face and figure walking towards the pool with a baby girl. Yes, she’s a former bold star, actually a good friend from way back, during her “hubadera” days.

The lensman avoided her, thinking she’d rather forget her bold stint in the movies. But lo and behold, she greeted him warmly with an affectionate kiss.


HER STORY – She relates the story of her life, from a bold star to a lady of leisure.

She met this rich and generous and handsome foreigner while shooting a movie in a resort in the South.

Right away, “Nabighani siya sa beauty ko.”

She told him her co-stars were prettier than she was. “Mga mestiza at mapuputi.”

But he assured her he loved his very Filipina looks and color.
He gifted her with expensive jewelry, clothes, appliances. And the condo unit…they are sharing now.

He was thrilled when the baby girl arrived.


GOOD ENOUGH – Of course, she can’t have the foreigner all by herself. He has a wife back in Europe. But he tells her his heart belongs to a Filipina.

Those words are good enough for her. She can’t ask for anything more.
She invited the photographer to her well appointed unit and served sumptuous merienda. The foreigner was out of the country.
Before leaving, the lady of leisure gifted him with a branded wallet…with cash inside.

The lensman demurred, but she insisted, saying, “Naging mabait ka sa akin.”