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sxy rica cruz - sexy mind answers

Hello Ma’am Rica,

During this pandemic, I thought I had a chance to get more sex. However, I felt like I had very low desire. Kahit na may chance naman, mababa ang libido ko. So when I got the chance, I saw a doctor and found out that I had low testosterone levels. Kailangan ko daw to get a dose every three weeks for the rest of my life. Kailangan ko ba talaga to do that or okay lang to seek second opinion?

Thank you,

Big Bad Dolf


Hello Big Bad Dolf,

Good first step to see a doctor when you feel that there is something different or alarming sa iyong katawan. Ang libido ay nagfa-fluctuate within a person’s life. And the level of desire varies from person to person. The doctor may be on the right track in investigating hormones such as testosterone. I would suggest getting a second opinion if you have doubts so you can have a more informed decision.

Testosterone production declines for many men as they age this can lead to low desire. Sexual conditions, systemic illness such as cancer, arthritis, and others, are also more severe reasons for low libido that your doctor may check. There may also be medication or lifestyle habits and body changes na puwedeng nakakaapekto sa iyong libido.

During quarantine, a lot of people had changes in their lifestyle like food and exercise due to the limitations. Meron ding mga tao that experience anxiety, depression, or stress that may be affecting your sexual desire also. Finally, marami ding mga couples ang nagkakaroon ng issues during the quarantine due to communication.

As you can see, marami pang possible reasons ang iyong low libido that may be physiological and psychological in nature. I suggest that in seeking second opinion about your condition, ‘wag kang ma-stuck sa isa lang na factor. Good luck, and always be safe in more ways than one.

With love and lust,



Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist, Sex and Relationships Therapist, and Sex Educator. Follow her at facebook.com/TheSexyMind and @_ricacruz in Twitter and IG.