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P700-M internet project for public schools launched







THE government has launched a P700-million project to provide in­ternet connection for 7,000 public schools, President Duterte said in his latest report to Congress.

The President said the Depart­ment of Education (DepEd) has started to procure internet con­nection for these public schools to increase the number of educa­tional institutions with internet access.

“The target completion of the project, which costs P700 million will be in 10 months,” Duterte said in a report to joint congres­sional oversight committee on the implementation of the Baya­nihan law.

The education department has pushed for blended learn­ing methods such as online and distance learning in lieu of face-to-face classes due to the threat posed by the coronavirus disease. President Duterte earlier frowned on the resumption of physical classes until a coronavirus vaccine is found.

In preparation for the alterna­tive learning method, the Presi­dent said “DepEd Commons,” an online platform for public school teachers to support distance learning modalities, is now opera­tional. He said the program is free for anyone accessing it though mobile data.

He said public school teachers have also been allowed to bring home DepEd-bought devices for use in distance learning. The latest decision was reached after survey results showed the avail­ability of devices is a limiting factor to technology-based ap­proaches to learning.