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Pig sex





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“BULUGAN” is the local term for a male pig that’s considered the best and most prolific in doing the sex act.

Owners of pig farms would bring their sows to the local stud for a moment of copula­tion. In a matter of weeks or months, the sow would become pregnant.

According to the Pacific Stan­dard, pig sex is becoming a thing of the past.

Farmers would now rather resort to artificial insemination so that their sows bear more piglets. Gone is the traditional pregnancy through sexual in­tercourse.

An article in Pacific Standard (PS) describes the old process of procreation among pigs.

It says: “Timon the boar runs around a pen full of young sows. The sows, known as gilts because they have yet to bear piglets, start squealing and frantically pacing the pen. Ti­mon’s job is to identify gilts that are coming into heat and ready to breed. While most of the gilts run away from him, some freeze up, a sign that they’re ready for his advances.”

Experts say traditional sex is too inefficient. Letting pigs do things the old-fashioned way meant that a single boar’s ejaculation impregnated just one sow at a time.

With artificial insemination, Timon’s sperm could impreg­nate dozens of sows, says PS.