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In the late ’70s, when Dr. Jose R. Perez died of heart ailment, family members and the FAMAS (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences) set up an award to perpetuate his name. It was the Dr. Jose R. Perez Memorial Award, given to outstanding members of the entertainment press. Aside from achievements, an awardee should have excellent relations with peers and other members of the showbiz industry. After all, Doc Perez had excellent ties with all, especially media.

Doc Perez’s eldest child, Marichu Vera-Perez Maceda, took after his father. She has cordial ties with all, the entertainment press included.

The first awardee was Sampaguita’s longtime PR, the beloved Mrs. Charri Araullo, Tita Charri to all. She died years back.

Tita Charri was followed by the late Ross Celino. who was identified with FPJ.

In no particular order:

The powerful troika composed of Billy Balbastro, Alfie Lorenzo, Oskee Salazar. Emy Abuan, best dressed lady writer. Nene Villanueva, fondly referred to has “The Belle of the Commonwealth Era.” My dear friend Bibsy Carballo. Mar D’Guzman Cruz, representing the Seven Dwarfs, group of scribes short in height but long in talent.

All of them passed away.

The other winners, still very much around: Ethel Ramos, Cris Belen, Ricky Lo, Butch Francisco, Mario Dumaual, Lhar Santiago, Dolly Anne Carvajal, Ambet Nabus, Ali Sotto, Nestor Cuartero, Danny Dolor.

Modesty aside, this columnist was an awardee.

Manay Ichu, with the help of family members and friends, selected the winners.

With the passing of Manay Ichu, hopefully the Dr. Jose R. Perez Memorial Awardee will continue honoring members of entertainment media. A much awaited event.