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Myrtle Sarrosa, no to dating



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JUST A THOUGHT: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl


NO DATING: “Waley!”

Singer-actress Myrtle Sarrosa exclaimed when I asked her in an online confab, how young people like her go on dating in the time of pandemic.

Myrtle said much of her personal life, love life included, has been put on hold by COVID-19.

Aileen Choi-Go, boss at Megasoft, renewed Myrtle’s contract as endorser of Sisters sanitary napkin. Part of her commitment is to perform in Megasoft caravans all over the country.

Myrtle has covered 70 schools thus far, since signing up with the company in 2016.


MYRTLE Sarrosa

MYRTLE Sarrosa

COOL SCHOOL: These campus tours, called School is Cool, are designed not only to provide entertainment. They also serve as a platform where students can learn a thing or two about the value of education and personal hygiene.

Aileen says Megasoft is careful in picking its ambassadors. They have to be active students, or are college graduates.

Myrtle, a cosplayer on the side, is a cum laude graduate (Broadcast Communication) from UP.


PRE-MARITAL SEX: Myrtle says she still gets surprised when high school girls ask her intimate questions about sex.

“I notice that teenagers today have become more open about discussing issues about sex,’’ she says. “I find this a healthy development. There’s really nothing wrong with talking about sex.’’