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Four hours daily




JUST A THOUGHT: The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.—Arnold Glasow

STRAIGHT TALK: Four hours straight, from 6 to 10 AM.

That’s how long, or how short, viewers and listeners can get a hold of Ted Failon and constant partner, DJ Chacha in their new home, Radyo5, 92.3News FM

The radio duo started their new show last Monday, Oct. 5, their comeback on air following a month- long lull after leaving former home DZMM.

Failon said he moved to Radyo5 for two reasons. He wants to be on radio, a great love of his.

He was also attracted by the pitched program format.

YOUNG AND OLD: Claiming that it’s one of a kind, the new daily wake upper combines breaking news, commentaries, feel-good, inspiring stories, social media trends, music, showbiz.

“We will cater to both senior and millennial audiences,’’ he said during an online zoomcon.

Luchi Cruz-Valdes, head of TV5 News, says, “Áng tambalang Failon and Chacha ang babago sa tunog ng FM.”

Ted Failon and DJ Chacha @ Radyo5 is simulcast on TV5 & One PH.

DJ CHA CHA: Who is DJ Cha Cha?

Why is she getting this much air time, with equal billing at that, with Ted Failon?

A former disc jockey from MOR-FM, Charina Marie Guevarra started as a reader of text messages on Failon’s  DZMM morning show.

Her role grew as weeks passed, until she was allowed to engage Failon in casual conversations on air.

Cha Cha contributed humor to the program, which clicked with listeners.

When Failon moved to 5, he brought her along with him. He’s  her mentor and friend, who has assigned her a bonus, too, billing-wise.