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Trailer nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: Smile. It’s free therapy. – Doug Horton


NO DUMB DORA: By getting a degree, finishing college, young actors can help erase a common misconception that people in showbiz are nothing more than airheads, pretty faces with nothing between the ears.

That is a sad commentary on how society tends to look down on actors and people in the entertainment industry in general. They are usually better known for their good looks only, and people tend to limit their perception of actors up to the physical level only.

Little do they know that a lot of actors are as sensible, as sensitive, as socially con­scious, as intelligent as any one.

This thought struck us as we read netizens’ derogatory re­marks about actors like Angel Locsin, who, despite the great efforts they put in to make themselves relevant, are con­tinuously being downgraded for being just showbiz.

Wala raw alam ang taga-showbiz.

That is the most unfair remark I have read in years. Many actors are college grad­uates, or if not, they have taken it upon themselves to improve their lot and intellec­tual capacity through reading, learning.

It isn’t fair to summarize all actors as dumb Doras. That is so 1950s when the Dumb Blonde phenomenon became the laughing stock in Hol­lywood.