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Tallest waterfalls




Niagara Falls, which lies between the United States and Canada,  may be among the most famous waterfalls in the world.

Yet, it isn’t the tallest, far from it. The Niagara is only 51 meters high.

By the way, both the US and Canada share parts of the Niagara.

In the US, the Niagara can be seen at best in  New York state.  In Canada, they say you can get a better view from Toronto.

The highest water falls on record is Angel’s Falls in Venezuela, where water from the Carino River falls from a height of 972 meters.

The second highest is Tugela, in South Africa, at 948 meters. Third is Yosemite, in the United States, 739 meters.

Other tall water falls are those in Utigard, Norway with 610 meters, and the Sutherland Falls in New Zealand, at 579 meters. It is formed by the waters coming from the river, Roaring Creek.

In Europe, high waterfalls can be found, such as the French Gavarnie and Krimmler in Austria.

Or the Staubbach in Switzerland and Giessbach in Norway.

Observers claim that it isn’t just the height that makes a waterfalls famous. The African Victoria Falls, at only 122 meters, is one of the most photographed for its beauty.

The Philippines takes pride in its own set of waterfalls, led by Maria Cristina Falls in ligan.

There are also Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna,   Aliwagwag Falls in Davao Oriental, Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao del Sur, Tamaraw waterfals in Oriental Mindoro, near Puerto Galera, Tinago Falls, also in Iligan.

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