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Minzy releases new version of ‘Lovely’ for Pinoys



Korean singer Minzy, formerly of 2NE1, is kicking off her career in the Philippines with the release today, Nov. 20, of the new version of “Lovely” replete with Filipino lyrics.

In a recent interview, the singer expressed excitement in embarking on a new career path here.

She said, “I like the Philippines. I learned so much about it from Sandara (Park, also a former member of 2NE1). I love it that Filipinos are so friendly and hospitable. I am already excited to meet you all.”

Viva Artists Agency (VAA) is handling Minzy’s career her in cooperation with Open Door Artists and South Korea’s MZ Entertainment.

She is hoping to be able to collaborate with other Viva artists on future projects.

“There are so many talented artists in the Philippines. I really want to meet them all and hopefully collaborate with them,” Minzy said.

Asked about her inserting Filipino lyrics on “Lovely,” she said, “It wasn’t hard. I studied the language. Every night, I tried to study the Tagalog words, translating everything into Korean and understanding the meaning.”

“Lovely” was originally released early this year but was revamped and updated especially for Pinoy pop audiences.

Minzy is hoping to do more of the same in her upcoming songs noting, “I like OPM. It has great rhythm.”

Minzy’s plan to visit Manila is put on hold for the time being due to the pandemic.

She is now preparing more materials, hoping to conquer the Philippine music scene soon.

“Please wait for me. I am very excited to start my career in the Philippines. I am hoping to show you more of what I can do as an artist,” she said.