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Dear Doc Rica,

It’s my first time having a girl­friend and we are both in the exploratory stage of our sexuality. Every chance we have na kami lang, we are making out heavily but I have no clue what to do with the boobs. Papano po siya laruin para mag-enjoy ‘yung girlfriend ko. Kapag sine-search ko po kasi mas madami pong sources na mas nagfo-focus sa vagina, G-spot, or clitoris.

Nezuko Chan


Hi Nezuko Chan,

I appreciate you acknowledg­ing the lack of knowledge and information and that you are concerned about your girlfriend’s enjoyment and pleasure. Baka ngayon, mystery pa sa ‘yo kung papano magagamit ang kanyang breasts for your mutual apprecia­tion but through experimentation and open communication, you will both figure it out.

Before anything else, siguro okay din that you should be able to talk about this with your girl­friend. You might try to tell her that when you are making out, nagkakaroon ka ng urge to caress her breasts. Consent is key. You can try different approaches sa paghawak or paglaro nito pero siyempre, always handle with care. Walang exact formula that works for all people. Use your hands, mouth, or any body part in touching, kissing, licking, tickling, or massaging. You can also explore using lubricants or oils na parang nagmamassage lang.

There is also something called nipple orgasms na puwedeng gamitin in combination with other sexual acts. Both of you can practice with each other para na­man malaman ninyo ang inyong likes and dislikes and help in your sexual relationship.

Sex play can be developed as a skill. Wala ding template that works with everyone, like I said. So the best way is really na mag-usap kayo ng partner mo to know what you both like or what you both want to explore. Laging tatandaan, enjoy and always be safe.


Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psy­chologist, Sex and Relationships Therapist, and Sex Educator. Follow her at facebook.com/TheSexyMind and @_ricacruz in Twitter and IG.