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Para hindi boring, find more ways





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Dear Doc Rica,

For about 3 years now, me and my girlfriend have been liv­ing together. We are sexually ac­tive but sabi nya, hindi daw sya masyadong okay sa doggie style position at medyo masakit daw. I am starting to look for a little bit variety sa mga posisyunan pero okay na daw siya sa usual missionary position. Parang kontra daw kasi sa curve ng penis ko yung posisyon na yon. Meron bang way to ease into it or eventually mapapayag ko sya na gawin yung posisyon na yon? Thank you

Purple Planner



Hi to you, Purple Planner!

It is good that you are com­municating with your girlfriend about this and that you are not forcing what you want on her. I understand that sometimes, having sex in the same position over and over can become bor­ing in the long run. Pero mahal­aga yung part na dapat pareho kayong satisfied, comfortable at nageenjoy in having sex.

Kung naghahanap ka ng other positions or ways para hindi maging boring, pwede kang magsuggest or magtry ng iba pang position or other activities that can be pleasurable to both of you. Talk to your partner on how any position can be more comfortable for her. It may be in forms of lubricants or the pace that you take during sex. Pero meron pa ring chance that your partner can still feel pain during sex kapag in this position.

Meron ding possibility na may bumabagabag pa sa iyong partner sa doggie position be­cause some people may feel na in this position, yung sex itself ay ginagawa sa kanila at hindi sila basta participant or parang distant ang kanilang partner dahil hindi sila magkaharap. As her if this is something that bothers her. Pwede mo din isuggest na you can switch to the doggie when she is fully stimulated para may enough natural lubrication to make it less painful.

At the end of the day, we need to be respectful of boundaries of our partners when it comes to sex. Wag tayong magforce ng anything na hindi sila kom­portable o maaaring makasakit sa kanila. Maraming paraan to enjoy but always be careful and be safe.

With Love and Lust,

Doc Rica


Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy is a Psy­chologist, Sex and Relationship Therapist. She is a co-host of the program Feelings at OnePH Channel 1, and have her pod­casts, Conservative Ako and The Sexy Minds on Spotify. Follow her on facebook.com/thesexy­mind or Instagram and Twitter @_ricacruz.