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Magicland rises in the South

Yes, a theme park called Magicland will rise in the South, hopefully before the year is over. And what is wonderful about Magicland is it’s an all-Filipino endeavor headed by Negros Occidental Congressman Alfredo B. Benitez, simply Albee to friends.

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12 fashion tips from Ramon Valera

Needless to say , Highspeed is no fashion column, but just the same here are 12 fashion tips from the country’s greatest designer, Ramon Valera. A National Artist, no less, the only one to be so honored from the fashion world.

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Golden years of indie cinema

Since the late ‘2000s, indie cinema has been winning awards in international film festivals. Yes, the country is enjoying the golden years of indie cinema…basking in its glory.

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3rd golden years of PH cinema (’70s)

Ironic as it may seem, Philippine cinema flourished during Martial Law years. In fact, the ‘70s up to the early ‘80s are considered the third golden years of the Philippine cinema.

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2nd golden years of PH cinema (’50s)

Highspeed earlier wrote about the first golden years of Philippine cinema (1936-1941), said to have been forgotten and ignored by some film historians. They considered the ‘50s the first, but actually it’s the second.

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Still about ex-partners

I know they nicknamed us “Cash and Cary,” but I never asked (Woolworth heiress) Barbara Hutton for a penny. I never married for money, that’s the God’s truth. I may not have married for very sound reasons, but money was the least of them. – CARY GRANT

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