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Smoking can result to sperm damage in men

According to Reuters Health, the sperm of men who smoke have damaged DNA, fewer active energy-generating mitochondria and more proteins indicating a revved up immune response.

Parents often complain how their children are too stressed out in school. Not only do children today carry heavy load – ang bibigat yata ng mga school bag ngayon – they are also much traumatized by too many homework and assignments.

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Exercise can lead to longer life

According to Reuters Health, middle-aged men who have more endurance in exercise tests may end up living longer than their peers who struggle with physical activity, a Swedish study suggests.

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Avoiding obesity

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According to the World Health Organization – Western Pacific Region Office (WHO-WPRO) there is raising concern for increased childhood overweight and obesity cases in the Philippines.

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Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Tumblr… These are only some of the widely-used social networks presented in varying shades of blue.

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Certain farm products can lead to obesity, heart attack

The US government spends billions of dollars each year on subsidies to farmers, but consuming too much food made from those subsidized farm products can boost people’s risk for heart disease, researchers say.

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