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Lizards, snakes most misunderstood

One of my advocacies is sharing my love for animals to other people. Now and then, I go on speaking tours before groups in schools, offices, or everywhere just so I could help widen their appreciation for animals.

Mga bahay, ginagawang katatakutan

Did you know that there are people who actually look forward to celebrating Halloween? Many go as far as decorating their houses and even their bodies with scary images.

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Why people keep exotic pets

People often ask me. Why do I keep exotic pets right in my own home?

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Science behind magic tricks

While people may be amazed with magic tricks and, let alone magic, one must understand that there is science behind it.

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We have here another heart-warming story of how man’s best friend turned out to be a hero. Stories like this are always reassuring that all isn’t lost in our world.

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Reviving stone painting

IN 1965, National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco discovered petroglyphs in a cave in Angono, Rizal. Now a national treasure, the petroglyphs in the Angono Cave date back from the Late Neolithic Period.

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