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New medicines for lung cancer developed

Chinese researchers have developed two new medicines that may prolong the lives of lung cancer patients, the China Daily reported Friday.

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a new Android malware distributed through a domain name system (DNS) hijacking technique and targeting smartphones, mostly in Asia. The campaign, dubbed Roaming Mantis remains highly active and is designed to steal user information including credentials and to provide attackers with full control over the compromised Android device. Between February and April 2018, researchers detected the malware in over 150 user networks, mainly in South Korea, Bangladesh, and Japan, but there are likely to be many more victims.

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LBC Business Solutions Aids Online Sellers and Corporations Grow Their Businesses

Online sellers and other micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have become an integral part of the Philippine economy. And LBC, the country’s leading name in Business Logistics, has come up with various payment solutions tailor-fitted for every entrepreneur, so they can devote more time to other aspects of the business, like marketing and stocking up on inventory.

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Shopee Announces Anne Curtis as First Brand Ambassador, Kicks off 5.5 Shopee Super Sale

Get Set for The Biggest Mid-Year Online Sale in the Philippines MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, announces Anne Curtis as its first brand ambassador in line with the launch of 5.5 Shopee Super Sale. The campaign is set to be the biggest mid-year online sale in the […]

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Zamboanga-Based MEMPCO Invests in the Future with Oradian’s Cloud Technology

Another entity in a hard-to- reach community in the Philippines will soon benefit from the technological services offered by Oradian, a global company that provides a cloud-based toolset for financial institutions that are looking at growing and reaching a wider customer base.

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Brother’s Refill Tank System Series is the Perfect Printing Partner for Start-ups

Whether you are working on a personal project, or a game-changing startup, you need a reliable printing partner that can provide high-volume prints at a low-running cost. Brother’s InkJet Multi-function Centre Seriesis equipped with the Brother Refill Tank System that assures you of efficient and hassle-free printing.

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