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Cheap, clean street food

We all love eating. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks, we are all down to it when it comes to gastronomic adventures.
Street food is also a good choice because there is a variety of tastes and flavors to be explored.

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Mother’s Day 2017: Goldilocks special cake suggestions for Mom on May 14

If love were personified, it would undoubtedly be in the form of a mother. Mothers are unfathomably strong, unconditionally loving, endlessly caring, deeply affectionate, and so much more. They sacrifice so much for their families and do the work of twenty people all by themselves, seeking nothing in return. Indeed, mothers are the epitome of love.

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CashCashPinoy launches its Fast-Track Delivery Service in Metro Manila

CashCashPinoy, the pioneer Filipino online shopping site, recently launched its CashCash Fast-Track Delivery to enable its thousands of customers to immediately enjoy their purchases, its chief executive officer said.

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Companies can control labor costs

Statistics shows that eight out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three yearsof operation because of an uncontrollable variable, which is labor cost. How could emerging businesses keep themselves from falling on the same ground?

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