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Bridging the gap

There are always two sides to every issue and in this case, the negatives are practically the same in every generation. The considerable age difference is what keeps the gap between parents and children. This widens when parents do not understand the latest technology that their children are exposed to.

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Oldie but Goodie

When it comes to technology, several times a year we get something new. Or rather, we get updated versions of something that was already created. Television, computers, phones, and books, among others including games, board games, video games, and some good ol’ pen and pencil games.

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Golden agers online

In 2009, local telco giant Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (Bayantel) launched the ‘Lola Techie’ campaign through a TVC showing 66-year-old Lola Techie Cruz teaching her grandson the wonders of the internet. Thanks to the ad’s humorous yet heartwarming take on ‘digital divide’, the TVC went viral, the campaign was awarded profusely both here and abroad and Lola Techie became an overnight celebrity.

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