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Finalize the proposed SCS Code of Conduct

After President Duterte appealed to China to temper its behavior in the South China Sea – referring to its warning off Philippine military aircraft flying over disputed islands, both natural and artificial – China immediately responded, saying it has a right to warn off foreign ships and planes tha come close to its islands.

We are rooting for our Asian Games athletes

THE Asian Games begins today in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, the world’s second biggest sports event, next to the Olympics, with some 16,000 athletes and officials from 45 countries – with two-thirds of the world’s popula­tion – competing in 40 sports.

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Stop the smuggling of drugs through ports

HALF a ton of shabu valued at P4.3 billion was intercepted recently at the Manila International Container Port (MICP) hidden in two magnetic scrap lifters.

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Trash on Roxas Blvd. – a reminder from Manila Bay

WE have gotten used to having many of our streets flooded during the rainy season. What happened last Saturday was something new. Garbage from Manila Bay was thrown over the seawall by strong waves from the bay and filled Roxas Boulevard from Pedro Gil to Vito Cruz.

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A fitting end to the story of Balangiga and its bells

THE Philippine-American War is not generally known to the generations of Filipinos who lived at the turn of the 20th century, through the decades of American colonial rule, the Japanese Occupation in World War II, and finally Philippine independence in 1946.

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THE idealism of federalism, a political initiative being pushed by the administration, may yet be held back by economic realities.

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