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Disregard  for the law

The 8-6 result of the Quo Warranto petition against Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno was unexpected and it shocked the public.
It came as an all-time low for the Supreme Court (SC) to allegedly twist the rule of law and manipulate it in favor of a petition against its very own leader. Many people supposedly still find it hard to believe that such a travesty occurred in our country’s history.

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Renewal of ties

Before the Philippines and Kuwait signed a memorandum of agreement last week, providing additional protection for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the relationship between the two countries already seemed headed for a better and brighter future.

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Protecting workers in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country with a diverse society. Of its 4.2 million people, 70 percent or 2.9 million are expatriates. Of these, 260,000 are Filipinos employed either as household help or skilled workers such as nurses, doctors, teachers, mechanics, chefs, and hotel and restaurant managers, to name a few. Obviously, for whatever nationality, it is a place of great opportunity – greener pastures that their country cannot provide.

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Kuwait ready to cooperate

Certainly, it is good to note that Kuwait is ready to cooperate with the Philippines in exploring all means to address labor issues, including that of the 800 Filipinos who are currently in shelter centers.

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Boracay’s  woes begin

The woes of thousands of workers rendered jobless for six months while Boracay is on lockdown begin today.

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On Boracay casino: Let’s stop it

A lot of people still suspect that the closure of Boracay beginning April 26 was to give way to the construction of a 23-hectare, $500-million resort- casino on the island by the Macau-based Galaxy Entertainment Group.

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