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Evolving political values

    IN the kindling of the nation, willingness and the ability to put one’s life in parity with revolu­tionary causes was a requirement for leadership. Testament was the many uprisings and internecine battles fought by our brave forefa­thers against every form of foreign invader from the Spanish crown and cross, the Chinese pirates attempt­ing […]

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Southern Mindanao talks

    WHILE waiting for my Cebu flight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport II, I bumped into a former classmate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Tech­nology in Australia. We both took a course on peace negotiation and conflict management decades ago. This was the only time our roads crossed as he with several […]

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Cebu City University/general hospitals

  ACCORDING to The Japa­nese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the population in Metro Manila will peak at 20 million by 2020. This is excluding the ex­pected entry of “informal settlers” into metropolis. The direct result of unmitigated urban migration from the provinces and population in­crease in highly urbanized cities, is that many of our public […]

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THERE is wisdom in the say­ing, “If it isn’t busted, why fix it?”

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No admission on EJK

THE “day-one critics” and po­litical adversaries of this presi­dency are on the offensive and almost festive over a recent presi­dential pronouncement relating to EJKs (extra-judicial killings).

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Presidential advice

No Comment

I RECALL one vignette my father (former Cebu governor, secretary of public works, transpor­tation and communication, and sen­ator Rene Espina) would relate re­garding cabinet meetings with then President Ferdinand Marcos.

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