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Duterte seeks P1-M monthly as President

The President said his “ideal” salary should be at least P1 million from the P200,000 monthly pay he receives as the country’s leader.

A 2006 Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) study, all of 270 pages, funded by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ in German) entitled “The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program: Scenarios and Options of Future Development” conclude the following: 1) Philippine agriculture is in a “state of distress”; 2) Despite 18 years of CARP and 14 years of ‘Operation Land Transfer’ (PD 27), agrarian reform has failed to produce a significant dent on the country’s rural poverty levels; 3) Despite having spent over P200 billion for CARP, the financing is still inadequate; 4) Implementation has been beset by misplaced priorities and misallocation of scarce resources; 5) The collection record of CAP amortization payments has been a dismal 18%; 6) Globalization has had a negative effect on agriculture:

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