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24 dead in Kabul car bombing

A suicide bomber rammed his car packed with explosives into a bus carrying government employees in the Afghan capital yesterday, killing 24 people and wounding 42 others, Kabul’s police chief spokesman said.

Afghanistan’s Sesame Street gets proud brother muppet

Zeerak the bespectacled orange muppet is the latest innovation from Sesame Street in Afghanistan: a children’s TV character who reveres his educated older sister, brought on to screens to show a new generation that a woman’s place is beyond the home.

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At least 80 people were killed and 350 wounded when a massive bomb tore through Kabul’s strongly fortified diplomatic quarter during the Wednesday morning rush hour, Afghan officials said.

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Casualties of war

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North Korea tried to sow fear in the hearts of everyone as it again flaunted its nuclear power for the world to see a few days ago.

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WITH two devastating air strikes in Syria and Afghanistan, the United States under new President Donald Trump has changed the world’s perception of it as a world power reluctant to get involved too deeply in disputes and hostilities involving many nations today.

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US drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ in Afghanistan

As many as 36 suspected Islamic State militants were killed in Afghanistan when the United States dropped “the mother of all bombs,” its largest non-nuclear device ever unleashed in combat, the Afghan defense ministry said on Friday.

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