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Allen Salas Quimpo Climate Leadership Awards

The Alliance for Climate Protection-Climate Reality Project (ACP-CRP), a global non-profit organization on climate protection and leadership founded in 2006 by former US Vice President Al Gore, has created a Philippine alliance, the Allen Salas Quimpo Collective Climate Leadership Memorial Awards (ASQCLMA) to encourage civic action against climate change.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), in a recent report, has urged wealthy nations to make “essential payments” to developing countries where 90 percent of the world’s mangrove forests are found. Why? Because these mangrove forests can deter the further degradation of the world’s critical ecosystem. Mangroves absorb much more carbon pollutants than terrestrial forests.

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More names are emerging to compose the membership of the Constitutional Commission (Con-Com), the body conceived to assist Congress amend the Constitution.

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Cha-cha, con-com

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Since President Rodrigo Duterte has opted to pursue Charter Change via a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass), House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez should now initiate the creation of the Constitutional Commission (Con-Com) he has proposed as technical and advisory body to help Congress.

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